Truth and Libel in the Trump’s America

President Trump is waging a war on the media just like he promised in his campaign.

The thing is, it seems like he’s confsed about the line between truth and fiction.

This is my opinion —

In his tweet below, it appears that he believes an SNL skit is in the same league with journalistic reporting from NBC news.

The video below is comedy. It’s an act. There is a man who is an actor — Alec Baldwin — portraying the president. Regardless of how ridiculously good he is at it, this is NOT FAKE NEWS. In fact, it’s not news at all.

Alec Baldwin playing President Trump in a comedic skit

In America, being able to poke fun at the system and its propagators is called freedom of speech and it is a constitutional right. Freedom of speech is the reason we have entertainment, music, and video games — to name a few. Roasting public figures is a tradition in comedy.

Do you know who doesn’t like freedom of speech? Dictators.

To be clear —

I am NOT calling Trump a dictator, merely pointing out that his actions are different from what I would expect from the president of a free country.

Moving on …

Here is the actual president announcing a national emergency to build a wall to keep out immigrants — from America — a country built by immigrants.

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