The House Of Stronzo: You are What You Collect

House of Stronzo

A documentary produced and directed by Matthew White

Reviewed by Helen Wheels

Matthew White’s “House of Stronzo” is a feature-length documentary that follows Pete Cecere, an eccentric collector as he locates permanent homes for his 5,000-piece folk art collection – including trinkets, figurines, paintings, carved animals, masks, and wall hangings. Cecere lives out in the middle of nowhere; in Virginia, 85 miles from Washington D.C. He loves the seclusion but doesn’t act like a recluse. Cecere says he welcomes visits from friends and makes sure the trip is worth it by feeding them well and giving them a comfortable place to sleep. The man has the gift of gab, and there’s no shortage of stories that he wants to share with the director.

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